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What is your best blade to use in a blackland blackbird?
I'm not looking for blade longevity just sharp and smooth, not a lot to ask lol:bravo:
I've got
Personna blues
Gillette rubies
7 o'clock yellow
Astra sp
And I don't like feathers:cursing:
Any enlightenment would be much appreciated.:thumbsup:


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It's a process of elimination I am afraid, blades are firmly in the one man's meat is anothers poison catagory. Personally the Gillette 7 o clock Yellow has been a revelation for me and is firmly my number one blade which I will happily use in all my razors.


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I’ll go with Astra Sp very smooth and sharp enough to deliver a good BBS since Blackbird is quite aggressive.
Just my opinion, shave on :wink:

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