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Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by halvor, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. halvor

    halvor Esquire

    All right, let me hear it, boys: Your votes for the best mentholated aftershaves. Feel free to enter nominees/your winners in classes, ie best scented (beyond menthol), best for skin, etc. I’m not into pure menthol, just a little cooling.

    I’m cravin’ some freshness in this heat wave of late and need your input, please
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  2. FluffyGroodle

    FluffyGroodle Fluffy Faced Veteran

    Fine Snake Bite AS :cold:
  3. wooky114

    wooky114 Legend In His Own Lunchtime

    Alcolado Glacial.
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  4. Mr_Smartepants

    Mr_Smartepants Genius Member

    Anything from Fine Accouterments or Wholly Kaw gets my vote. I'm also a big fan of Floid and Myrsol.
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  5. carbold

    carbold Carlo

    I only tried Floid and Proraso Green, the latter being my favourite in terms of freshness on the skin but it doesn’t last long...
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  6. HMan

    HMan Guru

    Helsinki, Finland
    Myrsol Lemon is a great heatwave AS. Myrsol is good in the heat due to it’s lack of anything greasy, it just goes on clean and cooling.
  7. struttura.originaria

    struttura.originaria Legendary Member

    Milano (ITALY)
    Barrister&Mann - Arctique
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  8. p.b

    p.b Forum GOD!

    Are the ‘standard’ B&M ASL as good as the Reserve ones?
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  9. struttura.originaria

    struttura.originaria Legendary Member

    Milano (ITALY)
    Yes, they are. Very similar indeed. I really like BM aftershaves, both Glissant and Reserve (Glissant soaps don't work so good on me).
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  10. Proraso Green, Floid Vigoroso, Fine Snakebite, Pitralon Classic, Aqua Velva Ice Blue.. D R Harris Arlington.
    One other thing I do is mix witch hazel and pure essential oils. The last concoction I made for summer was Peppermint, Camphor and Eucalyptus oils..worked great, plus you can add as much or as little as you like.
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  11. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Proraso Green it's a true aftershave nourishing and not overpowering. Pitralon again is a firm favourite (the classic version).

    Floid Vigaroso is good but it reminds me of Benylin/Actifed dry cough scent. Nice talc finish.

    I find Alcolado Glacial cuttingly cold. I used it as a body splash last year on the hottest days of summer and it was soothing. Not overly keen on its citronella base.
  12. Dr Watson

    Dr Watson The Other James

    West Sussex
    I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but Nivea 2-Phase. Its got a bit of cooling menthol going on, perhaps not quite enough for my taste but nothing a few crystals can't remedy 3637.gif
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  13. Jacobite

    Jacobite Legendary Member

    Lacrimarum Valle
    You said mildly mentholated, so I'd pick Floid Vigoroso and Figaro Monsieur Gold, or Amber is what I believe they are calling it today. They are both nice Mediterranean mentholated splashes with nice, old fashioned, barber shop scents. My other fave is Mennen Skin Bracer, which is probably not easy to find in Europe.
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  14. mike_the_kraken

    mike_the_kraken Señor member

    I’m going to add a few balms just for completeness.

    Soap Commander: unscented, or scent of your choice.
    Reef Point: unscented, or scent of your choice
    Cold river soap works: Limenthol (when available)
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  15. sɐǝɹpu∀

    sɐǝɹpu∀ riverrun

    Anything with a penguin on the bottle...

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