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    We've been in this house four years now and over the last year, the basin taps have become worse and worse ... recently starting to drip, which turned into a constant stream.

    Replace the washer and/or cartridge, you're thinking ...

    Likewise, until it came to trying. The taps were seized solid and not a prayer of getting the vanity cowl off. The handle retainment screw also snapped leaving thread in the tap. Furthermore, the tap was of a design that if I could not get the vanity cowl off, the basin would have to be smashed to remove the taps - they could not be made to pull up through, nor push down through the hole.

    In the end, I sawed them off ...

    Prior to that, Mrs & I look at taps and start to think about a design. We found a perfect tap, lovely vanity basin pillar tap which swivels. Beauty! So only one tap needed even if we went for two basins, which we were now thinking.

    It's a mixer tap, though so one way valves would need fitting ...

    I already have isolation valves and upon closer inspection, they're one-way valves. Great! Great, the hot one. The cold is on the wrong way around. This is just typical of the level of work in this house. So, what was a simple job of just swapping taps became a bit tense when the flipped around valve on the cold would not stop weeping ... cut off further down, new olive, sorted. Oh, plastic pipes.

    While waiting for the tap and basins to arrive, I've fitted some Corporation taps and rigged up a cover for the middle hole (where the mixer tap was previously ... the other two holes were where the handles were) and bodged the remote waste lever.


    That's the bit I'll be renovation ...

    I'm on a VERY tight budget, job "at risk" and so, Mrs bought the tap (bless :) ), I bought the basins (£30 a pop), wastes (£8 each) and traps (£15 each) and will be making the installation our of bathroom suitable moisture-resistant MDF, which will be sealed, painted, countertop sanded, painted, sanded, painted ... with increasingly small grit until I can mirror polish it with automotive polishes and get a shiny countertop. MDF is about £40 for the lot, cut too, so it's just primer/sealant and paint, screws, blocks, that sort of thing ... minimal outlay.

    You can see from the space involved, a single basin is lost. You can also see there's some nasty hack and slashery gone on through the tiles to get the old waste and water pipework through.

    Here's my thoughts in CAD:


    So, three sided "pedestal" with a significantly larger front which I'll mosaic tile to match the rest of the bathroom and move those towel rings down onto. The counter is secured at the back on wall fixed batons and at the front on the wider pedestal front. The heaviest part of the sink will within the width of that front and so supported ...

    The front can be popped off to get to the plumbing easily enough. I'll stash a couple of relevant height 2x4 lengths in the pedestal to hold the weight at the corners for while the front is off.


    Any thoughts?

    I do have one question: Where the heck do you buy a tee? I've looked all over ... I can find a swept tee, a four way Y piece (solvent weld only, so no use with chrome pipe). I have found a large metal compression tee, which might well do. It's for 35mm pipe which the OD of the chrome is and the OD of the plastic pipe it will drop into is just about.

    But where they heck do you buy a tee? Or is a swept tee okay? In which case, which way do you sweep?

    Any foibles?

    I've got one-way isolation valves in place and I have balanced water pressure hot/cold. The tap has been tested.

    Any secret hints and tips?

    Seal the waste in the basin, seal the basin to the countertop. Wet test before removing the old basin.

    Anything else?
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    Okay, here's a question ...

    When installing the basin waste for a countertop basin, do you (a) screw the underside of the waste up to the sink itself and drop the lot through a hole slightly wider than the nut or (b) push the waste thread down through the sink in situ, through a hole just wider than the pipe and screw the retaining washer and nut up to the underside of the counter? ... or doesn't it matter?

    Here's the waste I have:


    On that, another question ...

    When attaching a trap to the thread, how do you disguise or cover the exposed thread? Can I (a) buy a shroud or (b) cut off the excess thread so that my trap fits closer to the waste nut?

    With the nut screwed up to the bottom of the sink, I have about 3 inches of thread and even with the counter, there's still a LOT of unsightly thread sticking out.

    Here's the trap I have:


    Here you go ...

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  3. pjgh

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    Halifax, UK
    Anyone? I'm kinda out of my depth here, but very willing to have a go ... I've yet to pass the plan to Jewson's to cut the wood so there's time to really get to understand what I'm supposed to be doing with the plumbing.


    Someone must have messed up this kind of job before ... what went wrong?
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