Barrister and Mann aftershave splashes available from a UK retailer in the (near) future


While I was browsing the Barrister and Mann Facebook page yesterday, I stumbled upon a post where Will announced that his aftershave splashes will be available from a UK retailer in the (near) future. People who've read my posts on this forum will know that Barrister and Mann and Ariana & Evans are my 2 favourite soap brands. The fact that I can get the aftershave splashes of both brands is really exciting news for me. I'm starting to feel like a kid in a candy store and I can already hear my wallet cursing at me.



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I think it's all to do with EU certification, but if it sells well and it's worth it then hopefully they'll go down that route.


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Slickboys are great. They've currently got a black friday sale on including Dead Sea shaving and oatcake soaps. It's great news they're stocking B&M.