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As im now disappearing well down the rabbit hole i know find it justified to seek info on balms.
Any recommendations? Does the scent last long? Are they ok for sensitive skin?
I wouldnt mind trying a few depending on answers.



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Barts. They are first class. Scent doesn’t last long for me with any balm though which I rather like. For sensitive skin it is a bit of a lottery as there could always be some products that irritate, but again, barts for me is excellent. For a non-artisan recommendation, I also enjoy the relatively new nivea daily skin and stubble lotion.


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I'd say balms are great for sensitive skin. I've found some are thicker than others so you'd be best trying a couple.

Wickham balm is really good. If you can find it, Institut Karite is a top class performer and doesn't really have much scent so would be good if your skin doesn't get on with scents.


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Speaking personally, I find Stirling balm clogs my pores but I'm very acne prone. What's worked great for me is Barts Balm, which only has clean ingredients. Wickham balm is great, as is Phoenix and Beau.


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Nivea Sensitive Balm is £3 for 100ml in Sainsburys does the job ok and very affordable. I use it post shave, then shower, which washes away the excess ,then you can use any aftershave without it interfering with the scent.


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Eleven (Sapone di Paolo)
Barts Balm

Antica Barbieria Colla Apricot - great balm but no better than the above two and very expensive.

Zingari Man A/S Balm - Recently touted on the forums as exceptional. Average moisturizing and ingredients. Overrated in my use.

The top two are wonderful.


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BBA is the best for me.
Also have Stirling and Barts, but they are not in the same league, but to be fair, also not in the same price bracket either!


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I've just received some Bart's Balm's it's not the cheapest but it's certainly worth every penny 👍

I'll be buying more for sure