Anyone tried not using shampoo?

Discussion in 'Grooming and Style' started by Rusty Blade, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Some call it "no-poo". I have been reading up on this lately and I am giving this a whirl...I was finding my hair and scalp terribly dry from shampoos. Even after a couple of days I can feel a difference. My hair feels more full. I wash my hair just with the water while I shower and I use fingertips or a plastic brush to massage my scalp.
  2. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    I like to use Mystic Waters shampoo bar, no SLS or nasty additives. It does contain Argan and or Jojoba oils. Leaves my scalp feeling refreshed and not dry.
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  3. The Gentleman

    The Gentleman Forum GOD!

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  4. theIrishbarber

    theIrishbarber Senior Member

    Two things will help with dry scalp and they work 100%.

    1-Drink more water.
    2-Massage a tiny drop of sweet almond oil into the scalp after showering.

    A lot of customers have a dry scalp problem and it is more apparent at this time of year with central heating drying the air in the home and in the workplace.
  5. I did this when growing my hair long for the transition to dreads. It does work and your hair reverts to it's natural state ... dryness disappears and all is well.
  6. I have been shaving my head about once a week so rarely need to shampoo..but I do moisturize my head with oil if it get's too I shower cold and this helps dry skin.
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  7. Wayne

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    Wonder what MWF would be like on a baldy napper?
  8. chris.hale

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    Cumbria, England
    Works nicely when I use it to shave mine. :okay:
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  9. In the past I have washed my hair with MWF bar soap and it was wonderful. If the no-poo thing doesn't work out I am going to switch to MWF bar soap.
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  10. Count of Undolpho

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    Unless i've been doing a dirty job I haven't used shampoo on my hair since the late eighties, I've had various amounts of dreads but just have a slightly balding, all short do at the mo. No dry scalp, no smell just a rinse under the shower and good to go.
  11. they conditioner can also be used to clean your hair instead of shampoo. It has some cleaning properties, and it doesn't strip it of all the natural oils and it smells better as well. I may give this a try.
  12. pjgh

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    Halifax, UK
    I've not used shampoo for years. I do still have hair and being the age I am, I do have a thin patch on top ... but being tall, not many know about it.

    Have you considered hair tonic?
  13. I tried the conditioner as a hair wash and it does have mild (very mild) cleaning properties and it left my hair feeling great. No more poo for me!
  14. LeeBot

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    I've never had issues with a dry scalp but I only shampoo once a week and then only with a small amount.
  15. Eeyore

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    I use olive soap for everything. Apart from shaving.

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