anyone had cupping (hijamah) done?

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I'm gonna just say it man, that's stupid.

honestly it looks bad but feels very relaxing from my personal experience

its been a while since i last had it done but it helped me tremendously with my migraines when i got a couple of cups done on my head

you know you can get dry cupping which is what the chinese do,
essentially same thing but dont let any blood out, hence called dry and not wet cupping

i did have an appointment booked a few months back but had to cancel because something came up

my cousin recently got qualified to become a hijamah (cupping) therapist,
hes actually insuranced and everything, so thats a good thing

although its trending at the moment due to boxers and athletes getting it done,
when i got it done there was only like not even a few hijamah (cupping) therapists in my city


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Like a Home Depot bucket or perhaps a square mayonnaise bucket?
I imagine you would need to work up to something so…. Relaxing/invigorating with jaring. “Jaring” is a thing now…. to me