Any Martial Artists using the forum?

Discussion in 'Health, Fitness & Training' started by ajc347, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. ajc347

    ajc347 Forum GOD!

    As those who know me well will already be aware my other passion other than shaving is practicing and teaching Martial Arts.

    I'm curious as to whether there are any other Martial Arts practitioners using the forum at all?
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  2. N_Architect

    N_Architect Travel, See, Feel, Explore

    Nice thread, never been involved but would love to take up an art one day.
    Let's see who is practicing and what they have to share...
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  3. Nick_S

    Nick_S Beer & Blades

    No, but I am considering some to further my fitness regime. Now I've lost the weight I wanted to (5 stone) it's either a form of martial arts or boxing :)
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  4. Merkurologist

    Merkurologist Forum GOD!

  5. MrK1

    MrK1 Forum GOD!

    Did a bit of Kickboxing and Shotokan Karate when I was younger.

    Looking to take up something again. Trying to find a local Aikido club for me and my 2 boys.
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  6. pjgh

    pjgh Forum GOD!

    Halifax, UK
    As you know, I'm a sports fencer ... but I am well versed in Di Grassi and Capo Ferro, and have a lot of hands-on with historical rapier fencing. I'd take up HEMA again if there was a club like the 1595ers near me.
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  7. MrK1

    MrK1 Forum GOD!

    @ajc347 what do you practice\teach?
  8. ajc347

    ajc347 Forum GOD!

    I teach Filipino Martial Arts (with a little bit of JKD and self-defence thrown in for good measure) these days. I used to teach Aikido and also have a background in Kickboxing and Reality Based Self-Defence / Personal Protection.

    I'm also learning Wing Chun Kung Fu at the moment and am about to embark on some regular Silat training next month. I'm also hoping to do some more Irish Stick Fighting training as well.

    @pjgh - I've studied a very small amount of HEMA influenced material at seminars and totally loved it. It's great to see how it's grown exponentially over the past 10+ years - it's awesome stuff. :)
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  9. Dub

    Dub Regular Member

    I practice and teach Shotokan karate.
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  10. I've got a black belt in Origami.
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  11. Nishy

    Nishy Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Brown belt 1 tag standard Karate, started at 8 but quit when I was 15.
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  12. bandito

    bandito Ex-Addict

    I've done a lot in the past - Judo, Jiu Jitsu, BJJ, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Boxing, but I have a chronic condition which limits my ability now. I could probably still manage Wing Chun though, and I hope to try that again the future.
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  13. jaycey

    jaycey Forum GOD!

    I don't but I popped down to a local Kendo club a few weeks back. I'm working on a plan to fit it in between work, mountain biking, swimming, Horology and looking after 2 kids.
    It looks great! Can't wait :)
  14. MPH

    MPH Forum GOD!

    I spent quite a bit of my life learning two different martial arts. Karate and kuk sool won (Korean martial art).

    Got to brown belt in each, but never made it to black which has always been a bit of a disappointment to me.

    Would love to go back to it, but think I'd just snap now. :-(
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  15. DamianJ

    DamianJ Forum GOD!

    I started training in Taekwondo at 18 and did that until I was 29. The instructor started lowering standards in an effort to make more money which I didn't agree with so moved on.

    I then found a very traditional Wado Ryu Karate Dojo that was run by a someone that had trained under the same Sensei as my dad. Upon hearing the name I knew I had found the right place. It wasn't just Wado Ryu that we did and a lot of students turned up for a few sessions and then disappeared. Severe knee problems at about 36 and work commitments saw me stop training. I sometimes wish I had carried on but I know that my knee wouldn't have liked it.
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