Any gardeners, or plant people? Help required.


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I have little interest in plants as anything I try to care for instantly dies, but I have some pretty weeds/flowers pop up in my garden and I'm just wondering what they are?

I have tried looking online, but can't find anything the same, so I was just wondering if any clever person here knows what they are?

They are small pink flowers on plants that are growing up to 7 ft (ish) tall. They are next to a stream and have turned up all on their own???





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Yeah, Corncockle was the nearest I found on Google, but its not the same.

Thanks anyway.


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I'm a gardener but not by choice. The wife tells me where to dig, plant, seed.....I guess it still counts as quality time!

I'll show her the picture maybe she knows.
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It looks like wild gladiolus :)
thank you but the flower shape looks different??? The thing that stands out to me is the very clear white X shape sticking out the flower on the end of the stamen(?). I've not seen this on Google???

Thanks again for your help.