After shave with Mastika Water and Aloe Vera

Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by N_Architect, Aug 23, 2018.

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    Mastiha (in English pronounced Mastika) is a liquid spirit originating from the mastic (which is a tree resin from trees in Chios Island, Greece).

    I've been suggested that a simple and nice aftershave solution, very soothing for the skin, can be easily made by mixing mastika (mastic) water and aloe vera. The organic aloe vera I managed to get from my local pharmacy earlier today may only be 99.9% pure and mixed with allantoin and panthenol but for all intentions and purposes of this simplified experiment I think it will suffice.

    I prepared two bottles (full capacity 100ml and 50ml respectively), filled to the approximate level shown. I used a teaspoonful of aloe vera gel.

    Will be trying the after shave solution tomorrow, I really have no clue if this will have any practical benefit but I understand a fellow wet shaver in Greece is using it with success (and reportedly he has sensitive skin and everything else he has so far tried has failed for him).

    More on this soon.

    The large (330cl) mastika water bottle contains carbonated mastic water and was purchased from my local supermarket.

    P1060967.JPG P1060968.JPG P1060969.JPG
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    Interested in how this works out...
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  3. Mr Bigmem

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    North London
    I'm also interested in hearing about this. My family are from cyprus so I know the scent of Mastika.
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