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A big thank you to the ATG Team

Discussion in 'ATG Cafe' started by Shaun, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun Guest

    Against The Grain has very quickly grown into an active, lively and supportive community, and as I step back a little to focus on other commitments, I'd just like to acknowledge and thank everyone on the team for the work they've put in to building, opening and caring for ATG:


    Well done guys - you've built a great community that will hopefully continue to flourish for a long, long time and be a great source of information, support and fun for shavers the world over. :okay:

    Congrats and good luck for the future! :thumbsup:

    Shaun :D
  2. DamianJ

    DamianJ Legendary Member

    I found this place through coincidence. It's been nice to see membership grow and the friendly feel contribute.

    Thanks to all involved.
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  3. chris.hale

    chris.hale Legendary Member

    Cumbria, England
    Agreed, this has become my favourite forum. Well done chaps!
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  4. DevonStan

    DevonStan Guru

    West Country UK
  5. missingskin

    missingskin Guru

    Down South
  6. Dipesh

    Dipesh Forum GOD! Staff Member

    Couldn't have been done without your help @Shaun!
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  7. Dj-Steved

    Dj-Steved Brush Addict

    Always the first place I go to when I fire up the internet.

    Thanks for a great forum guys keep up the good work !!
  8. Quique

    Quique Forum GOD!

    Thanks everybody
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  9. A refreshing forum and fun to log into. ATG's becoming a great one...without any drama. Thanks guys.
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  10. Boojum1

    Boojum1 Cosmic Member

    Always have a good time on the ATG forum. Thank you all very much!
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  11. Mrchick

    Mrchick Handsome Avatar

    Middleton, ID, USA
    Great forum. Thank you!
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  12. chrisbd

    chrisbd Forum GOD!

    Hampshire, UK
    You were here when it was just fields and trees. Thanks for your sterling work in setting up a thriving community, ATG is pretty much the only forum I inhabit now.

    All the best for your future.

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  13. Acer89

    Acer89 James

    United Kingdom
    +1 to that and well said. ATG is the only forum which I actively participate.
    I just love it here. :santa:
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  14. DevonStan

    DevonStan Guru

    West Country UK


    Many thanks. Good wishes.
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