3D printed Shaving Bowl


Inside a Big Dark Empty
I received this absolutely stunning 3D printed shaving bowl today from Northam Saint,

A 3D printed Shaving bowl !

As Tom Ford (no relation by the way) would say " It's only Fe***ng gorgeous" And it is in Leinster blue too! But I don't think Northam St realised that when he chose the colour :happy:

This is the future, now!

Admit it, your all bloody jealous :p::laugh:.

Northam Saint, Thanks for putting me in a happier place :notworthy::thumbsup:

Northam Saint

Forum GOD!
I’ve already PM’d ManicDee to say I’m chuffed to bits he’s so pleased with it.

As I’ve explained to him I have lost many to cancer, family and friends. Many I miss every week if not every day. So to put a smile on the face of someone who’s been going through uncertain times, and through some aggressive treatment, well it’s the least I can do.

A few years back on TSR I was going through one of life’s blips, not health wise but a long saga involving my brother and him being cruel to our mum. Someone caught on that I liked Parker 25 Ballpens and having lost mine he sent me one. It cheered me up no end. Every time I look at it or use it it reminds me of the kindness of others. That pen never leaves the house and I always know where it is. I did managed to repay him when things were down for him, and again when he recently returned to TSR.

They aren’t the only two, hopefully they will be the last as I wish everyone health and happiness and no dark uncertain times.
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