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2016: "I wish I had bought one..."

Discussion in 'Grooming and Style' started by Darkbulb, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Member #10

    I think there's a number of us that wish we would have bought a number of razors (or any shaving products really) when they were available at their original prices. Now, I don't mean travelling back to 1930 but rather products that got discontinued in the past five years or so.

    I would have picked up some Tradere and Weber razors for sure. Both fantastic razors and now selling for quite a bit than what they were being sold for just a few years ago.

    So what products will we look back at in five years ago and think "I wish I had bought one..."?

    Part of the answer to that question lies of course in if the product was a) of high quality and b) got discontinued.

    The one razor I can think of myself is the Barbaros TR-1 by @theunnamed .
    120 razors made. Discontinued for now.
    I was rather stoked to get one (#76) a week ago - especially as I found out that I really love it.

    Other products includes the L'Occitane Plisson brush and now recently maybe the i Coloniali Mango shaving soap.

    Are there any other shaving related products - recently discontinued - or in apparent 'risk' of being discontinued - that you'd consider candidates for "I wish I had bought one..."

  2. p.b

    p.b Forum GOD!

    ARC or DLC Weber razor. They were easy to get hold of once upon a time!
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  3. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Member #10

    ARC indeed.

    Also, I just remember;
    - BRW razors/handles,
    - New Forest brushes, and
    - Le Tuft brushes
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  4. johnus

    johnus Well-Known Member

    '05 Double Ring Gillette. Thought that they were over priced when the 'desire' 1st hit. Now they're price is excessive.
  5. johnus

    johnus Well-Known Member

    ".., I don't mean travelling back to 1930 but rather products that got discontinued in the past five years or so."
    Remember the world was in the midst of the Great Depression, those razors were out of the range of most people
  6. Dogsmro

    Dogsmro Guru

    North Yorkshire
    +1 for the N.F.
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  7. chrisbd

    chrisbd Forum GOD!

    Hampshire, UK
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  8. Rowlers

    Rowlers Massive Member Staff Member

    I'm lucky to have both the Weber and Barbaros. I wish I'd have also bagged the DLC and ARC Weber's - I'd be sitting on a gold mine...
    I also regret not getting a NF brush, priced very nicely and perform well above this price I hear!
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  9. Gairdner

    Gairdner Legendary Member

    Great Britain
    Wish I'd gotten a Weber razor but still, I'm more than happy with my 34c & 11c Merkur duo. Other than that a Le Tuft brush by the late Bill Jack.
  10. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Member #10

    Oh and I do wish I had tried Tim's Soap before he closed up shop.
  11. Scuba Steve

    Scuba Steve Forum GOD!

    +1 for the TR-1
  12. Gairdner

    Gairdner Legendary Member

    Great Britain
    Oh, I really wish I'd been around to buy first pressings of all The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Led Zep, Cream, Bob Dylan and Small Faces albums. Hey ho...
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  13. Batch300

    Batch300 Extraordinarily Uncomplicated

    Rockwell 6s (version 2) when price was $79 with shipping
  14. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Member #10

    $100 now are they?
  15. Batch300

    Batch300 Extraordinarily Uncomplicated

    Yes. However, may have found Cyber Monday deal at Bull Goose for $85 (15% off).