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What are your current 3 favourite shavers (cartridge)?

Discussion in 'Cartridge Safety Razors (CR)' started by Nico1970, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. Quique

    Quique Über Member

    My favourite is Guillette Sensor 3. Also I like Guillette Contour and Guillette Sensor Excel
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  2. AlexNoodles

    AlexNoodles Active Member

    Greater London
    In no particular order:

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  3. Rufusdog

    Rufusdog Well-Known Member

    Gillette Mach3
    Gillette Sensor
    I don't have a third.
  4. 1. Feather MR3 Neo
    2. Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Imitation Ebony Mach 3
    3. I am not Darkbulb

    Neither used in 2016 yet. I might use the Feather again shortly. My current Mach 3 blades are some Amazon poor excuse for Chinese counterfeit blades. Guessing the box was dropped off a forklift several times and fair number of non-english characters on the packaging. Nice handle and big improvement over the factory handle.
  5. Belfont

    Belfont Senior Member

    After trying some DE, without much success, I took back my catridges razors
    Those I prefer:
    Gillette Mach 3 Turbo (much better than Mach 3, in my opinion)
    Wilkinson xtrem3
    Gillette Sensor 3 blades (the 2 blades is also good)
    I tried the 4 and 5 blades, I did not like the feeling on the skin, although the shave is good
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  6. Str8_Shaver

    Str8_Shaver Über Member

    Gillette Sensor...
  7. Eeyore

    Eeyore Active Member


    Buy a Gillette G2 or Contour handle for travel. Decent razors, allowed in your hand baggage, and you can find cartridges everywhere.

    Besides, especially the G2 is a very usable razor.
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  8. bandito

    bandito Senior Member

    1. Gillette Mach 3
    I only took hand luggage to Lanzarote so I took an EJ Ivory handle Mach 3. It's a lovely handle and the shave quality was excellent - easily on a par (if not better!) with my DE results, however for me the shave experience wasn't as enjoyable.
  9. GoHabs

    GoHabs Noob

    I used a Mach 3 for many, many years before switching to DE shaving a year ago. I recently began shaving my head and have returned to my # 1 cart razor (for head shaving only).
    P.S. New member here.
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