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For Sale Various stuff

Discussion in 'Buy - Sale - Trade' started by p.b, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. p.b

    p.b Forum GOD!

    Some stuff that isn't being used.
    The prices don't include postage so please just add £3 p&p

    SOLD Fine ASL = £8
    SOLD Unused Feather Neo F2 = £8
    TAKEN Sensor handle = free with another purchase
    TAKEN Penhaligons face scrub = free if you buy two items

    SOLD LASC Blackfern, used 10 times = £8
    Semogue 2000 = £8
    SOLD RazoRock 26mm Big Bruce (centre) = £8
    TAKEN Yaiqo 28mm with butchered handle = free with another purchase
    RazoRock 24mm (right hand side) = £8


    Maseto 30mm 2-band = £25

    Thanks for looking. Paul
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
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  2. Tomhstorey

    Tomhstorey Über Member

    I would love the fine American blend and yaqi 28mm.

    Will PM
  3. ajc347

    ajc347 Legendary Member

    PM sent re Feather Neo F2, Big Bruce and Black Fern. :)

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  4. p.b

    p.b Forum GOD!

    Fine ASL and Yaqi pending