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Rose scented soaps

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by DamianJ, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. DamianJ

    DamianJ Senior Member


    Having had and completed Wickham English Rose Super Smooth a while ago I have recently wondered what other rose scented soaps there are.

    I've seen comments about the Martin de Candre but that's now sold out.

    So what pure rose, or rose noted soaps are out there?
  2. Nishy

    Nishy Veteran Staff Member

    TOBS rose (very nice)
    D.R.Harris rose
    Trumpers rose (my favourite)
    Jabonman rose
    Mystic Waters rose
    XPEC scented
    Rose of Bulgaria
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  3. DamianJ

    DamianJ Senior Member

    Cheers for the suggestions @Nishy Which is the best performance? The trumpers?
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  4. Nishy

    Nishy Veteran Staff Member

    No problem, it would be between MW, Trumpers and Jabonman. The first and last have the strongest scent, Trumpers is the most natural rose scent IMO
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  5. pjgh

    pjgh Veteran

    Halifax, UK
    Trumpers is good ... soap or cream.
    Rose of Bulgaria is super! I've repeat bought ...
    Le Père Lucien Rose de Pushkar - my favourite by quite a margin
    Martin de Candre Rose - from initial impressions, okay ... not up to LPL for scent with similar performance
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  6. StevieBoy

    StevieBoy Regular

    Soap Commander do a cracking rose scented soap called Love.
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  7. Len

    Len Senior Member

    Czech & Speake No. 88

    Not a pure rose, but an earthy, woody rose, where rose is in the background. A dark, masculine scent, imagine walking through the woods at night, smelling damp earth, unlit firewood, with rose and germanium in the background.

    Rose in a scent is hardly ever masculine. This one is, and if you appreciate earthy, woody type scents, this is the rose for you. Very refined.

    And, I might add, performance is at the top of the top!
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  8. DamianJ

    DamianJ Senior Member

    Thanks for this suggestion, I'll put it on my list to try. One of the EdTs I use has rose in with sandalwood and I think it's great.
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  9. Nishy

    Nishy Veteran Staff Member

    You may like Issey Mikyake Intense plenty of rose sitting on woods.
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  10. DamianJ

    DamianJ Senior Member

    I've had a test of that and preferred the original tbh. I've hinted at the nuit version for my birthday though.
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  11. forestfield

    forestfield Active Member

    Crawley, UK
    There's also the Dusy coy of Klar Cabinet - though I haven't tried my sample yet.
    Perhaps it's time for a rose themed week...
  12. Rohleder

    Rohleder Über Member

    West Sussex, UK
    I have that, its a good quality soap that performs similarly to Tabac... The rose scent is a sweet confectionary rose like Turkish delight, nothing like sniffing a flowering rose.
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  13. DamianJ

    DamianJ Senior Member

    Has anybody tried the rose scents from Caties Bubbles? There's one that's rose mixed with other notes.
  14. forestfield

    forestfield Active Member

    Crawley, UK
    I see/sniff what you mean about the Turkish Delight scent. I have to disagree with "nothing like sniffing a flowering rose" though. I inherited several rose bushes from the previous owner here, and they all have a very sweet scent. The phrase "old english tea rose" springs o mind but I'm nor sure if that's relevant.

    [Aside - I'm not a gardener. I popped out for breakfast this morning, and the mag. in the tea room had a January gardening hints column. It said "Check garden for weeds". I checked, and I've got them. Job complete!]
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  15. Rohleder

    Rohleder Über Member

    West Sussex, UK
    Thats fair enough, my "nothing like sniffing a flowering rose" comment was more an observation on its one dimensional nature, compared to say MDC which if you sniffed with your eyes shut could quite easily be confused for a real rose (in my opinion :))
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