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Want to Buy Or trade looking for Tradere OC

Discussion in 'Buy - Sale - Trade' started by Celar36, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Celar36

    Celar36 Well-Known Member

    Hard cash or to trade following:

    -BNIB Muhle R89 Jet (DLC coated)
    -Vintage Plisson HMW Size 12 (Ultra rare). HMW grade of hair when it was still great.
    -Gillette 58 Cased. My favourite non OC razor but I cant use it more often than once every few months. I need OC to shaveSmile
    -Gillette No.77 OC in case and shipper box!
    -London Bridge blades (Rare blades, were made by Wilkinson UK)
    -Feather Portable N0.91 very rare in case
    -Everready Streamline in nice shell case. Lovely razor
    -Gillette NEW Long Comb Gold plated in case

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  2. Celar36

    Celar36 Well-Known Member

    Vintage Kent set went as gift to great friend of mine in US.Therefore removed