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*list still open* Who's up for LE Wickham's 1912 group buy?

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by Mr Bigmem, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. RedSteve

    RedSteve Senior Member

    All sorted!
    At the weekend I finally went and smelt Chanel Blue, I absolutely loved it! If the soap even smells a bit like the spray I'll be delighted!
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  2. chrisbd

    chrisbd Veteran

    Hampshire, UK
    Excellent news, thanks for the update. PM coming.

  3. Wayne

    Wayne Bestest forum member.

    God's own county
    All paid up. Personally I have zero idea how Bleu de Channel smells so it will be a surprise when it arrives...Hopefully a pleasant one
  4. missingskin

    missingskin Well-Known Member

    Down South
    All paid and pm sent ............. :)
  5. Godfather

    Godfather Veteran

    Me too, Payment sent
  6. MPH

    MPH Senior Member

    Pm'd and paid!!!

    Many thanks!
  7. Mr Bigmem

    Mr Bigmem Senior Member

    North London
    A quick message from Darron, he wants to send a big thank you to everyone for being part of this and for all those who have already made your swift payments. He also wanted to let everyone know he has sent the everything off to the toxicologist. And it is now just the waiting game.
    In the meantime Darron will start on the labels, To also show you some quick response to user needs he will also be adding the Soap name to the Lid label as well (by popular request).
    A quick ask from me if you haven't had a chance to pay yet or are having any issues please PM me and let me know,

    All looking very good gentleman :)
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  8. Diggy87

    Diggy87 Regular

    Am I too late for this?
  9. Mr Bigmem

    Mr Bigmem Senior Member

    North London
    Not to late @Diggy87, i've PM'd you with the details and added you to the list. I've adjusted the list but not moved numbers around for a couple of changes so I do know we have blanks in the list lol

    1. @Mr Bigmem
    2. @MPH
    3. @OJ82
    4. @wazza
    5. @DamianJ
    6. @Wayne
    7. @dowsing
    8. @BlacknTan
    9. @Godfather
    10. @Lann
    11. @MrK1
    12. @Looney12345
    13. @missingskin
    14. @pjgh
    16. @ScOtt
    17. @Bizzyberry
    18. @ceekee
    19. @Nick_S
    20. @Acer89
    21. @chrisbd
    22. @AndyC
    23. @Dogsmro
    24. @Mr_Smartepants
    25. @RSSO
    26. @RedSteve
    28. @ManicDee
    29. @Laage
    30. @Scuba Steve
    31. @D_SM
    32. @jonmaddock
    33. @Kevy
    34. @forestfield
    35. @Cheesepiece
    36. @SeanC
    37. @StevieBoy
    38. @flip-68
    39. @AlexNoodles
    40. @MrP
    41. @Diggy87
  10. Diggy87

    Diggy87 Regular

    All paid up. Thanks