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Gillette Nacet Platinums no more?

Discussion in 'Double Edge Blades' started by FaTist, Feb 14, 2018 at 2:37 AM.

  1. FaTist

    FaTist Regular Member

    what up all
    I pulled out my old sample pack from years ago for my first new razor since finding a great blade for my first razor and found an ideal blade for my Gillette New Short Comb- a Gillette Nacet Platinum.

    Looking to purchase quantities I discovered they are akin to gold in price/weight ratio. On ebay they say NOS but the non platinums are still available on Amazon. I know they come from Russia and theyve been doing stuff to the plants with new equipment (astra, pol silver iridiums,...) does anyone know what the deal is with these blades? I love them but like $50 for 20 of them? thats a bit much for me.
  2. Shaverrific666

    Shaverrific666 Chairman of the Bored

    Not much help but having used both (Platinum and Stainless) I couldn't tell much difference..they are both wonderful blades for me..in my top five.