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A.T.G. / Personalised Bowls & Lidded Soap Dishes

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by Northam Saint, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Member #10

    Was the potterer pleased with the new batch of business that you brought in this time? :)
    Also just checking in to see if he gave some rough idea of when they would be ready by as I'm eagerly awaiting mine.
    NO rush - just being curious :)
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  2. Yes he was very pleased. I saw the father, a potter too. He's interested in taking this forward to scuttles, more to follow on that.

    Timing, five to six weeks when I went in, so another 3-4 weeks, should be, fingers crossed in time for Christmas. Last time it was just under five weeks. We will see, don't worry though I'm all ready for posting.
  3. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Member #10

    Great news on them maybe starting doing scuttles as well.
    Are any of them wetshavers by chance?

    Sounds like it might be close if they will arrive by Christmas or not (especially if sent abroad) but hey, better done right than fast :)

    Thanks again!
  4. Haven't heard anything from the potter yet, but that's quite normal. They are a small operation and don't have a very big kiln which means Its usually 5-6 weeks. The last time if I recall it was just under the five weeks.

    These handmade bowls, take a little while.

    Don't worry though everything is in hand, all the boxes are ready and waiting as is the bubble wrap . The very day that she rings I will be down there to collect, depending on timing they may even be posted the very same day, if not the next. What I do as well is once they have been posted I will post on the thread, and I'll also message everyone with Royal Mail tracking numbers.
  5. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Member #10

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  6. Mrchick

    Mrchick Handsome Avatar

    Elk Grove, CA USA
    Any updates from the potter? Thanks.
  7. Funnily enough, I was up early this morning so decided to sit and write all the addresses on all the boxes in anticipation. I did just this minute try and ring them but no reply so I'll try again later. I do hope they are ready soon as I want to get these all out. If only part are ready then I'll get what she has today and get started.
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  8. Right !

    I've just spoken to the pottery. Currently they have a batch in the kiln which will be coming out Monday. All of the cream will be done and most of the Honey coloured. So I will collect everything they have completed on Monday and they will be posted Tuesday. In the past I've managed it same day but I'm working Monday this time so I'll get everything boxed when I get in from work.

    The remaining ones will be ready before Christmas but it's going to be very tight and some may not get there in time. But they will be all posted before Christmas.

    The problem has been the amount ordered this time which has been higher than previous orders. They only make a couple of small kilns which they have had going constantly to fulfil the order along with their other orders. Firing as well isn't like bunging a cake in the oven.

    So apologies everyone, everything is all in order and I'll do my very very best to get them out as quick as possible. All the boxes are ready and addressed up.
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  9. halvor

    halvor Royal Member

    It takes the time it takes. No worries, Sean. It's not like our hearts stop if these are not in by Christmas either. That said, I'm looking forward to receiving it :)
  10. I know, but a few have this as Christmas pressies, also as well as I like helping everyone with this I do like to get them out and for everyone to be happy. Alas it is a timely process but one that can't be rushed. From what she said it will be Honey Bowls that will be last to come out. If anyone is that desperate I can send them special or first class, ( not that I believe at this time of year there is any difference between 1st and 2nd ) if anyone wants to pay the extra.
  11. Acer89

    Acer89 James

    United Kingdom
    Would it be possible to have a soap bowl and lid but with 'Against the Grain' written on the edge of the bowl and the lid? Cream would do nicely. :happy:
  12. On the next round of bowls which may include scuttles, but that's a few months away.
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  13. Acer89

    Acer89 James

    United Kingdom
    Thanks no rush I'll check again later in 2017
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  14. Mrchick

    Mrchick Handsome Avatar

    Elk Grove, CA USA
    No worries. Apologies are not necessary. I appreciate your efforts and will be happy whenever I get it. Thank you Sean!
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  15. Redd

    Redd A Right Member

    Almost forgot about this.....my life must be so exciting:meh:
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